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Travel Writers Who Go Off the Beaten Path

Travelers are savvy. They like to use Google Street View to scope out potential travel destinations, use Instagram to find the best places to take pictures and read reviews to plan out their itinerary. 

And most importantly, 69% of travelers start their search online. 

Travel writing requires a different touch. Travelers rely heavily on social media when booking vacations. Roughly 34% of millennials book their holiday based on social media content. 

When you write content, it needs to catch the attention of the curious traveler. As a travel writer, it’s important to paint a clear picture of a location. A hotel may be nice, outfitted with luxury bedding, high-end décor and views of the city. 

But travelers want more

It’s important to paint a clear picture of the surrounding area. As your travel content writer, it’s our job to bring the local landscape to life.  

We dig deep into the surrounding area to explain what local festivals are taking place, how each beach in the area offers handicap accommodations and can help guide guests through the local area one step at a time. 

Our team specializes in travel – it’s a passion of ours.

Our team has a wealth of experience writing on:

  • Travel guides 
  • Travel lifestyle 
  • RV / Camper lifestyle 
  • Travel tips 

Travel Writers with a Passion for Exploring

Your city has a history – something that makes your city tick. Restaurants, landmarks, sights – there’s a reason people want to travel to your location. We research these tidbits, touching on the unique aspects that entice travelers to book a reservation at the local restaurant founded in 1962 that used to be a speakeasy. 

We dedicate the time and resources to the local area that allows us to craft copy and blog posts like a local travel guide. Concise, accurate and fun information is what helps millennials envision themselves sitting on the white sandy beaches of your town or booking a room at your bed and breakfast. 

If you want to bring more tourists to your business or add more booking from your site rather than a high-commission travel portal, have a chat with one of our travel copywriters today. 

    Did You Know?

    • 69% of travelers start their search online 
    • 34% of millennials book holidays based on content on social media 
    • 60% of B2C marketers are committed to content marketing 
    • 65% of travel companies find it difficult to produce content 

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