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We’re Passionate About Health and Fitness

Health and fitness is an industry where consumers need to be educated. 

The right health and fitness writer crafts the B2C content that is shared 9.7 times more often than any other form of content. 

And 80% of people turn to search engines for health information. 

You need to nurture and educate leads through engaging, informative content that touches on the pain points of your audience.  

You also need to run your business. 

If you’re training someone, trying to sell your products or services or focusing on other core business tasks, you don’t have time to blog as much as you should

You need a health writer that keeps a pulse on the industry. And you might need a fitness writer to fill in the gaps in someone’s exercise routine. 

There’s a lot to cover, and working with our team, we dedicate the time and resources you need to produce the content your audience wants

    Our team has a wealth of experience writing on:

    • Weight loss 
    • Nutrition  
    • Bodybuilding 
    • Yoga 
    • CBD Oils / Essential Oils 
    • Senior living 
    • Addiction recovery 
    • Organic living 
    • Supplements 

    Educate, Snack on Potential Leads and Indulge on Attention-grabbing Content  

    Our team assigns the right writer to your project.  

    We manage all aspects of your content from topic generation to keyword research and creation. 

    But we don’t do it alone. 

    We start with your business.  

    We get to know the ins and outs of your operation.  

    And we get to understand your customers so that we create content that boosts readership, increases leads and pays for itself. 

    It’s the recipe for success that our clients rely on so that they don’t have to play business owner, wellness writer and marketer. 

    We live and breathe our health and fitness content. 

      Did You Know?

      • 80% of people use search for health information
      • B2C content is shared 9.7 times more than other types of content
      • The fitness industy is expected to reach $106 billion in 2020

      Let Our Health and Fitness Writers Add the Perfect Mix of Content Into Your Brand’s Diet 

      We speed up your brand’s content creation with new perspectives, engaging ideas and a passion for health and fitness. 

      Chat with us today to see how we can help your team meet your content needs. 

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