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Tech Writers With Real-World Experience

A freelance tech writer who doesn’t know the industry is regurgitating words on a page. Our team is different. We both have degrees in the field: Computer Information Systems and Web Development, Digital/Multimedia. 

But we’ve also built webpages, custom developed CMS systems, worked on Linux, followed OWASP standards, setup and managed custom MySQL databases, connected to a variety of services via API calls – we have experience. 

“Techies” at heart, we are also writers with a knack for being able to break down technical jargon barriers and make complicated concepts easy for everyone to follow. 

We keep up with the trends. We worked in the programming, web development and marketing fields. Working with our team allows you to work with an experienced tech content writer.

    Our team has a wealth of experience writing on:

    • SEO 
    • Digital marketing 
    • Social media marketing 
    • Blockchain 
    • Cloud computing 
    • Cybersecurity 
    • Databases 
    • SaaS 
    • Software development 
    • Web development 

    Tech and Marketing Writing Made Simple

    From tutorials and blog posts to website and copy, we have the experience to educate and nurture leads in the tech industry.

    We’ll start with a thorough understanding of your business, learn your story and convey this story to your audience in a way that excites, intrigues and educates the reader. 

    From topic creation to keyword research, we’ll take care of your content needs, so you can focus on more important things.

      Did You Know?

      • 62% of the B2B tech sector is using content as their biggest marketing strategy 
      • 50%+ of B2B sales are driven by digital marketing 
      • 42% of companies have a digital marketing strategist 
      • 63% of marketers claim their top marketing challenge is generating traffic and leads 
      • 55% of marketers claim blog content is their top marketing priority 

      Let Our Expert Writers Bring Your Tech/SEO/Marketing Content to Life

      Don’t take chances with your content. Let our experienced, professional tech writers take care of your content creation. 

      Check out our samples below!

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